Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Chance To Help Someone Win $2000

I've been really busy the last few days but I wanted to remind you that the voting for the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest winner ends tonight at midnight.

If you haven't already, please take a minute to stop over at the website and vote.

Turbulence Training Transformation Contest

Remember, there are BIG-TIME prizes on the line here, such as...

1st Place - $2000
2nd Place - $1000
3rd Place - $500

The finalist's accomplishments include...

1) "Catherine Beats Fat Loss Plateau By Losing 14 Inches, 14
Pounds, and 5% Body Fat - And She Looks 14 Years Younger!"

2) "Kerry Cuts Cardio and Loses 6 Pounds to Get 6-Pack Abs at Age

3) "Abby Lost 13 Pounds and 5% Body Fat, Fits Into Size 4's, and is
Back to Her High School Weight!"

4) "Karla Got Her Rock-Hard Body and Lost 15.2 Pounds, 6.65% Body
Fat, and 14 Inches While Exercising LESS Than Before"

5) "Mark Burns 6.2 Pounds of Belly Fat and FINALLY Gets Abs"

6) "Barry Finds It is NEVER Too Late to Burn Fat & Regain Health,
Losing 11.5 Pounds and 11% Body Fat, While Burning 5.5 inches of
DEADLY Fat From His Waist"

7) "Shanda, a Turbulence Training Skeptic, Loses 16.2 lbs, 6.3%
body fat, and 17.25 inches in ONLY 12 Weeks"

So who do you think is better?

Cast your vote here --> Turbulence Training Transformation Contest

Remember, you only have until midnight to help decide the winner.

The next Turbulence Training contest begins Aug. 31st.

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