Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Weather Excuse Buster Circuit

With all the bad weather we've been getting lately, you may not be getting to the gym as often as usual. Below are two versions of an exercise circuit you can do at home with no equipment. You can make the workout as long or short as you like, depending on how many times you complete the circuit.

Do 10-15 reps per exercise (per side on single arm/leg movements). Complete whichever circuit you choose with little or no rest between exercises. After completing the circuit, rest 30-60 seconds and repeat for a total of 3-6 rounds.


* Rear Lunge
* Plank to Pushup
* Sumo Squat
* Pushups
* Marching Hip Bridge
* Spiderman Planks


* Stationary Lunge (also known as a Split Squat)
* Plank Lifts
* Sumo Squats
* Knee Pushups
* Lying Hip Bridge
* Spiderman Climbs

Let me know which one you tried and what you think!

Most of the exercises above are easily found online if you're unfamiliar with them. A few, however, are not as well known or may have different names. Here are three that might be hard to find:

Plank to Pushup

Plank Lifts

Spiderman Planks

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