Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Collected Fitness Wisdom #56

Ditch the Barbie weights and lift to build muscle and rev up your metabolism. Do full body workouts combining weight training and cardio into circuit training for an excellent way to blast the fat that collects around your middle.

~ Sandra O’Hagan

So many people take pieces and parts from different magazines, their cousins-best friends-nephew who knows a trainer, the "fit" guy in the gym, the genetically skinny lady who eats anything she wants and insert your story here. Over the course of time you pick and choose the things you like (which also tend to be the least effective) and wind up wasting weeks, months and years without seeing the results you want.

~ Zach Marcy

It’s possible that no one around you really wants to see you succeed. No one wants you to miss gossip night or poker night because you have a new - and better - habit in your life. People may try to hold you down and the negative media discourages success while encouraging failure. So…you have to fight against all of these things to succeed, but if you believe in yourself then you will. Harsh, but sometimes true. Prepare yourself for this battle. Stay strong with your online social support and accountability.

~ Craig Ballantyne

The best way to reduce belly fat is controlling what foods you put in your Body. 80% of getting fit and staying there is food consumption. The other 20% is exercise… I tell my clients you want a six pack eat clean! Don’t eat anything from a bag, can or box. Eat unprocessed foods, Lean proteins, veggies, fruits, good fats and whole grains. Keep it balanced keep it clean.

~ Bryna Carracino


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