Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Collected Fitness Wisdom #57

In order to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better and improve your health, most of what you eat needs to be high quality and nutrient dense foods. There is no other way around it. People keep trying to bend this rule

of fitness by trying to compensate poor eating with additional exercise. Trying to burn off a weekend of doughnuts, booze and fried chicken on a treadmill Monday morning is like buying fire insurance the day after your house burns down. It just doesn’t work like that. You have to learn how to properly nourish your body if you want lasting changes in how you look and feel.

~ Sgt. Steve Rosen

Years of misinformation mixed with some bizarre, masochistic cultural obsession have convinced millions of us that a good workout should always leave you nauseous and completely incapacitated...But training like this every time you work out, or, like most Americans, you’re new to vigorous physical activity altogether is just stupid: a shortcut to adrenal shock, subsequent overtraining, and injury.

~ Christopher Chilelli

You need to be okay with who you are, and with who you can be. If you want to lose weight, great, lose weight. But do it because you want to be healthy, not because you want to conform to unrealistic lies you have been told. I do believe everyone should strive to obtain good health, it will only make your life, and the lives of your loved ones, more enjoyable. But, healthy or not, we need to learn how to be comfortable in our own skins. We need to learn how to tune out all the lies that surround us. I truly believe we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. What if we believed and focused on that instead of all the other noise we are fed?

~ Tim Anderson

You can’t focus on “losing weight” if you want long term results.

You have to focus on “Gaining Health”!

Make your goal be everything about what you are GAINING...What you are moving TOWARD... What you are GIVING yourself...What you WANT to CREATE.

Don’t focus on “losing” anything ever again.

~ Andrea Albright


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