Friday, December 27, 2013

From The Raving Fans Dept. - No Pink Dumbbells Boot Camp

Cassie Williams, NPD member since 2011

Love this place! I've been taking classes for 2 years and I feel fantastic! I'm stronger than I have ever been.

When I started, I had never done a "real" pushup in my life. Next step, learning to love those pushups.

Burpees used to kill me and now I love them!

Seriously, you get what you put into it. Mickey can make the workouts as challenging as you can handle. She is super-knowledgeable and can adjust the workout if you aren't able to do everything.

The camaraderie makes it more fun.  The small class sizes help keep you accountable and safe.

Give it a try if you are up for it!


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