Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Professional Help

Would you defend yourself in court, install your own roof or pull your own infected tooth? Most of us would not. So, why do the majority of people insist on cobbling together their own fitness program rather than having a routine designed specifically for them by a qualified fitness coach?

When someone decides to start exercising, I'm sure they want to get results. Most people are busy and want to get the most benefit from their time. And yet they spin their wheels spending hours each week on the cardio equipment exercising in the mythical fat burning zone, or using programs like they did in high school, or buying worthless gizmos that promise you six-pack abs in 5 minutes a day.

The $59 + shipping you wasted on "fat burning" pills or gimmicks masquerading as exercise equipment would probably have paid for two personal training sessions. Instead of a dust-collector, you could have invested in a well designed strength training program and proper instruction on good form.

When people think of personal training, most still envision working one-on-one with a trainer every workout. Some people do that but that's a choice; it's absolutely not a necessity.

If you are a novice interested in joining a gym, find one where you get some individual attention and instruction. Is saving a few bucks on membership worth it if you quit because you feel overwhelmed, intimidated and/or frustrated by your lack of results?

If you want to work out at home, hire a fitness coach for a few sessions to get you set up on a solid, effective and balanced exercise program.

Regardless of where you exercise, for best results, meet with your trainer every 4-6 weeks to change your routine.

If you want to get optimum results for your efforts, get professional help. Seriously.

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