Friday, April 25, 2008

Machines vs. Free Weights

You'll often hear that resistance machines are safer than free weights or that beginners should start out with machines and then move on to free weights. Depending upon the exercises you're doing and the level of instruction you received, I don't necessarily agree that machines are safer or that newbies should be relegated to machines.

There are machines that I would rarely, if ever, use but I do think some machines are beneficial. A basic cable machine (or Cable Crossover) can give you the ability to perform lots of good exercises. I also think that, especially for women, a Pulldown machine is very useful. Most women are unable to perform Chin Ups or Pull Ups so, although it's not essential, a Pulldown machine definitely comes in handy.

Here are two good articles regarding Free Weight vs. Machine debate:

don't fear the free weights!

Free Weights vs. Exercise Machines


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