Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

* Why do so many people still believe in magic fat loss pills and exercise gadgets that will transform your body in 5 minutes a day?

* I don't know about you but I'm annoyed with whatever marketing genius told people to triple and quadruple space their e-mails. (Probably the same one who told them never to write more than a one sentence paragraph.) I get a lot of fitness related e-mail and all that scrolling is a waste of time. I actually unsubscribed to one list because the spacing was so extreme.

* Why do people say they know you can't spot reduce but then ask, "What exercises can I do to get rid of my _________________ (insert body part here)"?

* Who decided that it's cool/necessary to reverse the images on TV? And, why? It's usually done during shows that are comprised mostly of interviews but it makes no sense, is totally unnecessary and annoying, and sometimes makes well known people look "off".

* Why are some people so resistant to new fitness methods even when they acknowledge that the "lots of cardio for weight loss" didn't work?

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