Friday, November 6, 2009

Exercise Even More Important For Those Over 45

Way too many people think that exercise is for the young. Way too many people also think of exercise only as a means to a hot body.

We need to change our way of thinking.

The U.S. population is aging, getting fatter and more inactive. Contrary to popular belief, you don't get weak and frail because you get older. The truth is, people get weak and frail because they do nothing to maintain their muscle and bone fitness as they age.

Because our lives are so less physical than in previous generations, we must challenge our bodies through exercise to maintain our health and fitness.

Without regular exercise that includes strength training, we gradually become less fit as we get older. And, according to a report in the October 26th issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, that loss of fitness accelerates after age 45.

Research has shown that individuals with poor fitness levels have a higher risk of a variety of diseases and have a harder time functioning independently. However, compared to sedentary individuals, those who are physically active, don't smoke and maintain a healthy body composition have higher fitness levels throughout their adult lives.

<== Not Annie. :-)

Annie, my 93 year-old Body & Soul member is a great example. She lives alone and still drives. That's possible because she remained active throughout her life and she still lifts weights three times a week. She's had her share of medical problems but she gardens and is able to do all kinds of things around her house because she has maintained her fitness.

I have other members in their 60s and 70s who continue to golf, bowl and play other sports. I've even had a few who participated in the Senior Olympics. Aren't those types of activities more interesting and fun than sitting around watching TV or complaining about your aches and pains?

The bottom line is that regular exercise improves the quality of your life. Period. You can find a partial list of the many varied health benefits of exercise here ==> Exercise Benefits (Scroll down about half way through the post.)

It's never too late or too soon to start. Get moving.


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calliope28 said...

I agree 100% that exercise regardless of age is important. My mother lived to be 95, went to exercise classes until she was 92 and learned to play golf at the age of 76. Not only does exercise help keep muscles toned and joints lubricated it also helps with circulation and enhances the immune system. Finding an exercise that one enjoys is key to sticking with it. Maria Tadd,, medical writer and author of "Happiness is Growing Old at Home".

Mickey said...

Good for your mom, calliope. I wish there were more people like her and my member, Annie.