Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Collected Fitness Wisdom #26

Yes, I know it hurts to hear it, but cakes, cookies, crackers, microwaved meals, chips, sodas, granola bars, sugary sports drinks or energy drinks, and 1000's of other products that line our supermarket shelves were never meant to be part of the human diet, so it's obvious why it causes so many health problems for us.

This gets back to what I always say about trying to include as many "1-ingredient" foods as you can in your diet if you want to eat like we were meant to eat.

~Mike Geary

"Toned" is just a made-up word for "Gained some muscle, lost some fat!"

~Jon Benson

Each time I reach a personal best, I become fixated on making that best, even better. Why? Because it is proof to me that I can and still have the ability to improve myself. I still have the "choice" to be better. I can choose to walk in everyday and do nothing more than what I did yesterday. I can choose to sit and blindly go through movements and drills without reaching deep within myself and choosing to try harder---just enough to get me by. But that is not me.

~John Izzo

For exercise, I  always favor 100 percent of the time all forms of strength training over any form of cardiovascular training for fat loss and really for anything.

~Geoff Neupert


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