Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collected Fitness Wisdom #32

I lift weights, eat healthy food, and nourish my body not out of some sense of guilt or vanity (at least not all the time), but because it's the one thing I can control. I own my body. Take away my stuff, my friends, my job, my family, and I still have it. My body is my vehicle to go places I want to go and do things I want to do.

And because I take care of it, it'll take care of me. It won't fail on me early. It'll combat sickness and recover quickly. It'll make tasks you find hard easy for me. It'll fill out a t-shirt and jeans and maybe attract a girl or two.

But the most important task my body performs is carrying around my brain. Try to get a meathead to tell you that.

~Nate Green

Enough with the excuses already!

There’s no need to endlessly defend a lifestyle that is not allowing you to be where you want to be. STOP the relentless pursuit of a quick fix that will only allow you to change as little as possible.

~Kim Ball

As soon as you see a diet that allows junk food, run for the hills. And if they start claiming that Twinkies and Oreos help "raise leptin levels", run even faster! Once you achieve your fat loss goals, and you are on a maintenance diet, you should allow yourself some flexibility, to be sure. But if an entire diet is based around this silly cheating principle, it is surely a scam, and the creator is simply trying to cater to your desires and steal your money.

~John Alvino

The difference between my success and others who have struggled is that I did it every single day. No exercise program in the world works if you don't do it consistently.

~Chase Squires, who went from 205 pounds at just 5'4" to completing several 100-mile, 50-mile, and 50k races.


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