Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Gift Suggestions For Your Favorite Fitness Buff, Part 1

Just a reminder...

A fitness related gift is a great option for someone who already works out or for someone who has expressed interest in getting started. However, giving such a gift to someone because YOU want them to exercise is a bad idea.

In the coming weeks, I plan on writing multiple blog posts on items I recommend- some old favorites, some new.

First up, the GymBoss. I still love this handy, little timer. How can you not love a $20 product that improves your workouts?

GymBoss Interval Timer

I'm not usually not one of those people who gets off on gadgets but I love my GymBoss.

Circuit training and cardio intervals are great ways to exercise and the GymBoss is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep time.

To get the most out of your workout, you need to focus on the exercise at hand. Using a watch or clock to keep track of the time is an unnecessary distraction, which the GymBoss eliminates.

You can set it for 1 time or 2 different times. For example, you can program it to beep every 30 seconds if you're doing a bodyweight circuit or you can program it for a 30 second work and 60 second recovery (or any combination of times) for other cardio intervals.

There is also a handy clip for attaching to your clothing and it comes in hot pink, silver, black, blue, red, or camouflage.

You can get a GymBoss here.

Road ID 

If you're buying a gift for a runner, cyclist, hiker, or triathlete (or if you're one yourself), you need Road ID. This gear could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles.

It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Get Road ID here.

Thera-Band Stability Balls 

I have no use for the crazy acrobatic "functional" exercises some trainers have their clients perform but an exercise ball is an excellent way to greatly increase the number of exercises you can do, especially if you work out at home and have limited equipment.

Thera-Band Stability Balls are a quality product used by many physical therapists and they're very sturdy.

I've read online comments by exercisers who had to constantly refill their balls or whose cat burst multiple cheap exercise balls, etc. I've never had a Thera-Band ball burst and I rarely need to add more air.

There have also been some injuries related to burst stability balls (you can read about that here ==> Stability Ball Safety) so don't go cheap if you're buying one.

If you are 5'1" - 5'6", you would get a 55cm (red).

For those 5'7 - 6'1", go with the 65cm (green).

If you have exceptionally long legs and are close to the upper height range, you may want to go with the next size up.

You can get one here ==>Thera-Band Exercise Balls

Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

If you are buying for someone who wants to work out at home and doesn't have the space or the resources for a fully equipped dumbbells rack, consider the
Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System. It adjusts from 5-75 pounds, in 2 1/2 lb increments, and gets glowing reviews.

These adjustable dumbbells are not cheap but I hesitate to recommend other brands due to numerous complaints about them coming apart. Safety is paramount when you're lifting weighted objects over your body.

Check them out here ==> Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

I'll be back soon with more great holiday gift suggestions.


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