Thursday, July 12, 2012

Collected Fitness Wisdom #50

Look, the only reason to eat a food, ANY food is because you WANT it.

Not as a reward, not as a punishment and not as a comfort blanket but simply because you WANT that slice of cheesecake, that bar of chocolate or that glass of wine.

No rationalisations, justifications or excuses necessary.

Lose the stories around food and eat what you want because it makes you happy.

Just remember to ask "Will I STILL be happy AFTER I've eaten it?" and if you can't answer yes then give it a miss... for now.

~ Dax Moy

When people come to me as a cardiologist and say they want to run a marathon I say, 'OK, do one and cross it off your bucket list and then let's focus on an exercise pattern that's more ideal to producing long-term health benefits and improving your longevity'.

~ Dr. James O'Keefe
(lead author of a study on the effects of excessive endurance exercise on the heart)

Pick one guy to listen to; one guy with a proven track record of getting results and do exactly what he says. Don’t question it, don’t read differing opinions, and don’t second-guess. Just do it. For six months straight. Then we’ll talk.

~ Jason Ferruggia

I walked the aisles of a local grocery store the other day and a thought struck me. It was simple and like a shot in the neck. "What % of items in this store are good for me?" Non processed, no high fructose corn syrup, all natural, lacking preservatives. While I didn't go package to package and look at all the labels, it was clear that likely 70-80% of the store violated this. In fact, if you step back and look down an aisle, you see the dazzling array of colors beckoning you to buy. If I am being honest with myself, I should ask, "Why are they dressing this up so much if it's good for me?" Super sized bags and boxes of empty calories lining aisle after aisle. 

~ Pat Fellows


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