Thursday, August 15, 2013

Collected Fitness Wisdom #58

I am so tired of the quick fix over-promising fadish diets and gimmicks advertised on tv, in the magazines, and in media in general. They are everywhere, and I know they create false hope for so many. It just breaks my heart. There are a gazillion unhealthy ways to lose weight for a short-period of time, but there really is only one healthy way to lose it long-term (IMO) and that's through persistence, continued hard work, and dedication to eating more healthier foods than not (clean eating) and regular "sweatable" exercise.

~ Jenny Grothe

As I said in my latest book, Occupy Medicine: A Call for a Revolution to Save American Healthcare, modern medicine wants you to be sick. The sicker you are, the more the medical corporation can put in the bank. It doesn’t want you to be healthy and well. It doesn’t want you to watch your diet, and exercise, and practice prevention. Prevention means healthy people. And healthy people don’t need pills, procedures, hospitalizations, and surgeries. They don’t have diabetes and heart disease. So healthy people don’t pay big medical bills. And, without those big bills, Big Medicine can’t feed itself.

~ Walter M. Bortz II, M.D.

If you take a layer off a roll of paper towels, you won’t see the difference. Even if you take 3 layers off, you won’t see much of a difference. But if you keep taking off layers, all of a sudden the roll WILL look smaller. Your fat loss journey is the same. Stay the course and keep working hard.

~ Mike Whitfield

Targeted fat loss doesn’t happen. Challenging your abdominal muscles will not burn any more midsection fat than using your legs or arms. In reality, since your abdominals are a small muscle group, they are incapable of doing large amounts of work, so your total energy expenditure will likely be lower doing only sit-ups and crunches as opposed to doing squats, lunges, and pushups. The takeaway is that, when you exercise, your goal is to use as much energy as possible (within reason). Your goal is NOT to make your stomach muscles burn!

~ Holly Rigsby


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