Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Thoughts #3

All of the Random Thoughts in this edition relate to computers and the internet.

* It shocks me to read of the hate e-mail that some well known online trainers receive, much of it from keyboard warriors who haven't worked with anyone, let alone hundreds or thousands of real world clients.

I can understand disagreeing with someone's methods but why get so hateful and vehement? It's not as if these trainers are forcing people to follow their workouts. I wonder why these keyboard warriors are so threatened by a different POV.

* I hate e-mail spam as much as anyone and I understand the need for spam filters. That being said, if you have to call someone to let them know you sent them an e-mail, don't you lose a lot of the convenience factor?

* My computer is more than 7 years old (yes, I know that's ancient in computer years) so I'm going to be buying a new desktop soon, along with my first laptop. Dude, I'm getting a Dell! Not because Dell is a far superior brand but because they're the only company I know of who is standing up to Microsoft and still offering XP (at least for a few more weeks) rather than forcing you to buy Vista.

I'm not afraid of change; I adapted fine from ME to XP Pro but I've read way too many complaints about Vista to put myself through the unnecessary hassles. Besides those entertaining Mac / PC commercials, when your own computer guy tells you that he's dumping Vista because he's had so many problems with it and can't afford to have his laptop out of commission, you know it's definitely not worth the aggravation.

* I'm annoyed with the latest online marketing ploy which involves telling readers that an ebook or product is free, when it's not. Offering a free trial is not the same as giving something away. I think it's great that the sellers are so convinced of the value of their product that they'll let you check it out for free for a month before they bill you because, let's face it, there will always be people out there who will take advantage of a situation like that. However, the bottom line is that the stuff isn't free and you shouldn't tell people that it is just so they click on your link.

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