Friday, June 6, 2008

A Robot That Does Your Workout For You?

O.K., technology hasn't come that far yet but with this new creation from Ryan Lee, the "robot" works out with you and keeps track of your time.

As you can imagine, I come across lots of fitness ebooks and products but it's rare to find anything really unique and worthwhile but I have in BodyBot. It just launched a few days ago and you may have already heard about it because it's really creating a buzz.

Bodybot lets you design your own workouts from scores of different upper and lower body exercises and demonstrates each one. Ryan even includes bonuses including a quick-start ebook to teach you how to create your own customized workouts.

Just this morning, a client was telling me about how much she enjoys using her Wii. There were only two things she didn't like: 1. it calculates BMI rather than body fat and 2. she can't create her own strength programs. I think she would love BodyBot! Using it, she could design tons of different routines.

Do you travel for business? If you have internet access, you can use BodyBot. I know there's usually little time to exercise during business trips. What could be better than access to a huge variety of exercises that could give you a great total body workout in 4 minutes? No more excuses about how you couldn't exercise because you were too busy or because the hotel fitness center sucked or the opposite, that it had so much unfamiliar equipment you were afraid to use it.

BodyBot would also be a great resource to design bodyweight circuits, which my members often do in place of cardio intervals. Bodyweight circuits are great for fat burning and a nice change from standard cardio intervals and are the perfect alternative for those without access to cardio equipment.

There is one "catch". Because the programs are designed to be quick and effective, the exercises included are challenging. Bodybot is not designed for people who are looking for something where they can just go through the motions.

If you take action before June 11th, you'll be a charter member and will have unlimited access to BodyBot forever. You'll get a low introductory price, never pay a renewal fee and as more exercises are added, you'll have access to them all. You can also try BodyBot 100% risk-free for 8 weeks. Ryan says that if you don’t feel it’s worth at least 10x your investment, he’ll give you a full, unconditional refund.

You can read about it more fully here and see video demonstrations of the system. I highly recommend that you check it out and see if it's right for you.

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