Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Call for the Exercise Robot Discount

If you're interested in the BodyBot program, today is the last day to sign up at the discounted rate. As one Body & Soul member said, "it costs about as much as 2 exercises DVDs, which you get bored with and stop using." With BodyBot you can design tons of different workouts.

I've been really busy and haven't had time to play with mine much but I did notice that there are a few exercises that combine a pushup with another movement. If you're not strong enough to perform pushups, you can ignore that part of the exercise and just do the other movement. If you're afraid that won't give you a good workout just think about Spiderman Climbs or Mountain Climbers, which are both performed while maintaining the "up" position of a pushup.

I've been reading comments from BodyBot users about their kids exercising with them (they think it's cool). Do you have a significant other who doesn't work out? This could be a great way to entice him or her to get moving. Use it on business trips or when you don't have time to come to the gym. Anywhere you have internet access, you can use BodyBot.

I don't believe that 4 minutes a day will make you fit but I think BodyBot can be a great compliment to your current exercise program. You can do a quickie 4 minute workout or make it longer, depending upon your available time.

BodyBot is also be a great resource to design bodyweight circuits, which some of my members do in place of cardio intervals. Bodyweight circuits are great for fat burning and a nice change from standard cardio intervals and are the perfect alternative for those without access to cardio equipment.

Remember, though, that these are challenging exercises and not some effortless quick fix.

You can try BodyBot 100% risk-free for 8 weeks. Ryan says that if you don’t feel it’s worth at least 10x your investment, he’ll give you a full, unconditional refund. Today, June 11th, is the last day for the introductory price. Why pay more when you can save $20 or more?

You can read about it more fully here and see video demonstrations of the system. I highly recommend that you check it out and see if it's right for you.

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