Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stop Programming Yourself for Weight Loss Failure

“If you focus on results you will never change.
But if you focus on change, you’ll get results.” ~ Jack Dixon

That's my favorite fitness quote; it's even on Body & Soul's brochures.

So, are you ready to change?

Do you truly believe you can improve your health and discard fat? If not, you need to change that mindset.

Also, although some of you may find it “airy-fairy” thinking, I honestly believe that no one can have long term weight management success if they hate their body. The messages you send to yourself through negative self-talk become self-perpetuating.

“I hate the way I look”, “I’m as big as a house”, “I can’t believe I ate all that, I’m such a pig”, “My thighs are huge”, “I hate this jiggle under my arms”. If you say, or think, things like that about your body, you need to stop.

Think of the many positive things about your body. Are there particular features that you like? If necessary, could you run from a burning building to save your life? Can you take care of yourself, pick up your kids or grandkids, go dancing if you want?

Your body may not be the exact size you prefer but you are alive, not bedridden, and probably healthier than most. Be grateful.

Think about it. If we tried to run our cars on the same quality of fuel that most of us put in our bodies, they wouldn’t perform at all. And yet, you’re still functioning.

Have you ever tried to basically starve yourself into a certain size? Obviously, it didn't work or you probably wouldn't still be reading this. Declaring war on your body will cause it to fight back. How far would you get if you only put half a gallon of gas in your car? Your body is no different; it won’t perform at its best without adequate, high-quality fuel (nutrition) and proper rest.

Be grateful for your body, treat it well and your chance of success will skyrocket.


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