Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watermelon: 3 Juicy Benefits

Our family reunion was on Sunday and, among other things, my family has been supplying the watermelon for years. My sister was always partial to cantaloupe but I preferred watermelon. Only as an adult did I start to appreciate honeydews and cantaloupe.

Anyway, I got this today via e-mail from RealAge.

Watermelon: 3 Juicy Benefits

A cool wedge of watermelon on a hot summer day? Refreshing, for sure.

But watermelon is more than just a seasonal treat. Here are three great health reasons to dig into this juicy fruit:

It's loaded with lycopene. Watermelon juice actually gave tomato juice a run for the money in a recent study of lycopene levels. That’s good news for your body, because early research suggests that lycopene may be a cancer crusher.

It can make your skin pretty. Watermelon is loaded with a key compound credited with helping skin's healing and regenerative processes. Say no more -- bring on the melon!

It's practically calorie-free. With fewer than 50 calories in every cup, watermelon is one smart way to satisfy a sweet tooth. And with a whopping 141 grams of water per cubed cup, watermelon will keep you hydrated, too.

Go here to see if it's better to have your watermelon chilled or at room temperature.

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