Monday, September 22, 2008

Women Should Not Lift More Than 3 Lb. Dumbbells

The name of this blog tells you that I totally disagree with that statement but I actually heard a celebrity trainer say that on T.V. recently. Unbelievable.

I'm not going to post the trainer's name or those of her star clients. I googled her and found her website but, not surprisingly, it listed absolutely no exercise credentials. Then again, maybe she has a degree or a certification and just didn't bother to mention it (although I did find multiple comments around the internet claiming that she had no certifications or degrees).

I'm also the first one to say that there are trainers out there with alphabet soup after their names who say / believe some pretty stupid stuff. So, I'm not automatically dismissing this trainer's opinion strictly due to her lack of formal education. I'm slamming it because it makes no sense.

So, what's her magic formula for a killer body?

Two-hour workouts 6 days a week doing hundreds of reps using no more than 3 pound dumbbells.

Are you kidding me?

1. Who has the time for this?

2. How incredibly monotonous to be performing moves over and over and over and over, all because of the irrational fear that actually challenging muscles with some decent resistance will "bulk."

I would think that even most celebrities have better things to do than spending 2 hours exercising every day. Oh, excuse me, it's not every day- it's "just" 6 days a week.

Many actors spend months at a time working 12 hours on a T.V. or movie set. Two-hour workouts are an incredibly inefficient use of time. They could use those wasted hours playing with their kids, enjoying a hobby, reading, visiting friends, or a million other things.

Any of my clients who could workout for 2 hours straight are not working hard enough. Period.

You want the kicker? During the clip, the celebrity said that because she carries her child around in her one arm that her trainer makes her exercise the other arm more because the arm that she carries the kid in is in better shape. Did you follow that run on sentence?

The arm that lifts and carries the obviously heavier than 3 pound child is in better shape than the other arm!

Can you say contradiction? Too bad it's lost on this fitness "guru" who's making a tidy sum bilking uninformed celebrities and other moneyed clients.

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