Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I posted this last year but a reminder is always good.

Three 3 tips to help dads get healthier...

1. Forget about how you worked out in the past. You're not on the high school football team anymore. You're not a professional bodybuilder- steroid infused or not.

You're a busy dad. You've probably got at least a few pounds to lose and you don't have hours to waste at the gym. Forget "chest day" or "leg day" (if you even worked your legs :-) ). Train your entire body 2-3 times a week. Drop the isolation work. Concentrate on compound exercises - Presses, Deadlifts, Pushups, Squats, Rows, Lunges, etc.

2. Clean up your diet. You're not a teenager with a metabolism that allows you to eat and drink all kinds of garbage and never gain unwanted flab.

Good nutrition does not have to be complicated. Eat as much fresh, unprocessed food as possible. Focus on fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Keep your carb intake lower (especially refined carbs - candy, pretzels, baked goods, white bread and rice, pasta, snack foods, etc.). Ditch the liquid calories including booze, soda and fruit juice.

3. Turn off the TV and computer and spend that time with your family. Be a role model for an active lifestyle. Your kids look up to you. I'm sure you don't want them to end up as overweight, unfit, coach potatoes. Go for a bike ride, play some ball, go hiking. There may be some whining at first (probably from you :-) ) but your family will become closer and you'll all benefit physically.

Don't hesitate to get professional advice on your workouts. In the end, getting a properly designed program and making sure your technique is solid will save you time and aggravation and get you better results. Why waste time wading through all the online B.S. trying to figure out what type of workout will work best for you?

You don't need to spend hours exercising to lose weight and get fit; you just need to know how to optimize your workouts. If you're in the Lancaster PA area, call me at (717) 509-7777. I work with both men and women, including busy business owners and husbands of Body & Soul members. If you prefer a group atmosphere, my co-ed "No Pink Dumbbells" boot camp is a great option. You can get more info on that at No Pink Dumbbells Fitness Boot Camp

If you're not in Lancaster I highly recommend Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. Craig specializes in challenging total body workouts that will help you get strong and lean in 45 minutes (or less) 3 times a week. Check it out here ==>

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