Saturday, July 31, 2010

Collected Fitness Wisdom #24

Seriously, if you can read or watch TV while doing any exercise, you're not concentrating enough on what you're doing, plus you're probably not working out hard enough to see any real results.

~Mike Geary

Yes, I do love to use my favorite gear, but I feel it is important for everyone to remember that the best piece of fitness equipment is the one that doesn’t cost a dime, is VERY portable, and offers a plethora of exercise progressions that build upon the basic patterns of human movement.

So…what is it? You own bodyweight.

~Sarah Rippel

Getting "toned" simply means building muscle and burning fat. You can't tone a muscle any more than you can paint a cloud. You have to build the muscle to have it and you have burn the fat so you can see it.

~Nick Nilsson

Fat burning foods are the "unicorns" of the nutrition world. They do not exist.

~ Craig Ballantyne


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