Thursday, April 19, 2012

Collected Fitness Wisdom #47

...where somebody is today is a result of the choices and decisions they have made, i.e. how they have chosen to respond the circumstances they find themselves in. Some people blame their circumstances for their situations. This of course is partially true, but if that's all they do they are disempowered, drifting without a paddle down the river heading for the rapids. When they look at their circumstances and become aware that they are making choices then they recognise that they are in a position to make a different choice. Now they are empowered. It does not mean the change will be easy, but it does mean that they have more control.

~ Nic Jarvis

You’re waiting? For what? Chances are it will never appear when you want it to. And it probably will never happen if you are just waiting. You’ve gotta do something NOW. Sitting on your ass only does 3 things. 1) It makes you fat 2) It makes you broke 3) It makes you unhappy.

~ Erik Rokeach

Why do big box health clubs suck?  Well, there are a number of reasons, but the big one for me is there is no coaching.  If people don’t have a plan to get them to their goals, they may fumble around like they’re looking for something in the dark and accidentally get there – but the odds aren’t great and they’ll probably give up before they have success.

~ Pat Rigsby

What if you kept going? What if you dismissed your genetics and all the other excuses and just kept at it and kept working hard?

~ Alwyn Cosgrove


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