Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Real Power of Acai Berry

In my "What I Know For Sure" post below, I wrote about how diet scams will always be with us because people want to believe there's any easy way. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but although fat loss is simple, it's not easy.

The real power of Acai Berry is emptying wallets.

Right now the internet is full of ads for this latest magic diet pill. Before that, it was Hoodia. Remember Hoodia? Hmmm, wasn't that the answer to losing weight? What was before that? Ephedra, Chitosan, Calorad; the list goes on and on. That should be a clue that these products are scams; the only thing you'll lose because of them is your money.

So the lying, unethical marketers rake in a fortune while people get fatter. As I said in my last post, if most people spent as much time and money on nutritious food and good exercise instruction as they do on quick fixes, they be slimmer, healthier, happier and more confident.

My beef is not with Acai Berry, it's with the snake oil salesman promoting it as something it's not. Acai Berry was featured on Oprah but not as a weight loss miracle; Dr. Oz correctly promoted it as a powerful anti-oxidant.

The guys have a new product called Longevity that includes Acai Berry as one of its main ingredients. The big difference is that they only promote their product for what it is; a very powerful antioxidant that can help your body fight the aging process and help boost your immune system.

They could make lots of money touting Acai Berry as some magic pill that's will flush the excess pounds off your belly, butt and thighs but they don't because it won't. was started by 2 fitness pros who were disgusted by the unscrupulous supplement companies and their poor quality products and marketing hype.

They are a certified GMP "A" rated facility, which is not an easy task.

I recently bought some Cravers (ProGrade's nutrition bars) and my members are raving about how good they are. I had stopped selling bars a few years ago because they either tasted like cardboard or were glorified candy bars. Cravers are different; they're nutritious, they're organic and they taste great.

If you care about your health and are looking for high quality supplements, multi-vitamins, meal replacements or nutrition bars, check them out here ==>


Improvedliving said...

wel this food is really good for health.

Mickey said...

Absolutely and people should use it for health benefits.

The problem is unscrupulous rip-off artists are marketing it as a miracle weight loss pill which it's not. Besides that, if you can't trust their advertising claims how can you trust the quality and amount of the ingredients.

Vic Carrara said...

Totally agree.
I actually sell Pure acai supplements and only promote the antioxidant use - not the weight loss angle which unscrupulous marketers are doing.
Good article - thanks

Anonymous said...

Now Acai may be the latest hip but before jumping into buying a acai supplement I would warn you to do a thorough acai berry research because there might be other chemicals included in those in addition to acai which might cause side effects.