Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I Know For Sure

Nowadays, it seems that it's cool to bash Oprah. I don't know if it's jealousy or that some people are upset that she has the power to infuences millions of people or what but it sure seems to be happening more and more. Obviously, all of us have our faults but I think Oprah does far more good than harm.

What's that got to do with No Pink Dumbbells? Not much but Oprah writes a column every month in her magazine called, "What I Know For Sure". She's been very honest about where she got the idea- the late Gene Siskel rattled her with that very question once during an interview.

So I'm going to borrow the idea from Oprah and Gene and tell you some of what I know for sure.

* No fitness program will transform your body without proper nutrition.

* There will always be market for weight loss/exercise scams. Too many people want everything handed to them. The concept of delayed gratification seems to be dead. Why save up for something when you can CHARGE! So many people nowadays think they should start out their working careers with lots of perqs and making lots of money. High blood pressure? Diabetes? Give me a pill, Doc, I don't want to exercise and improve my diet.

Long term weight loss doesn't work like that. You need to be ready to learn some simple nutrition concepts, to exercise regularly and to challenge yourself when you do, to prepare healthy meals, to make the choice to eat right 90% of the time. It doesn't have to be drudgery unless you make it that way but it will take effort.

* If most people spent as much time and money on nutritious food and good exercise instruction as they do on bogus quick fixes, they be slimmer, healthier, happier and more confident.

* Most people waste way too much time in the gym. There's nothing wrong with being sociable but if you are a serial time waster, don't use the "no time to exercise" excuse. Put the magazine down and push yourself. Stop spending 15 minutes on one exercise. An hour on some cardio machine? Fagettaboutit.

* If you are over 100 pounds overweight, it's not just because you like to eat.

I see comments stating the opposite often on online forums. For some reason, there are people who refuse to admit that they use food to medicate themselves, relieve boredom, stress or loneliness, for protection, etc. I don't believe that anyone who has overeaten enough to gain 100 pounds or more just "likes to eat".

* For most people, compound exercises are superior to isolation moves and intervals are better than steady state cardio.

That's a few things that I know for sure; at least as of today. :-)

Leave a comment and let me know what you know for sure.

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