Friday, June 5, 2009

Which Diet Is Right For You?

Personal trainer Dax Moy of the U.K. is the creator of the Elimination Diet. I have no doubt that it's highly effective and is one of the healthiest nutritional program out there. In fact, it is probably superior to most, if not all, other diet programs.

Why don't you see me promoting it? I think it's too restrictive for most people. I have a hard time believing that most people who struggle with weight loss will be able to follow the plan consistently for the long term. I can't, in good conscience, recommend a program that I don't feel will become a lifestyle for the majority of my readers. (However, if you want to lose weight and can follow a very clean nutrition program, please do check out Dax's Elimination Diet here ==>

So why am I writing about something I don't endorse?

Dax recently posted some comments on his blog about two diets he considered extreme, one of which I do recommend (Eat Stop Eat). You can find his comments here ==> Daily Dose of Dax

Dax asked his readers what they thought of the two "extreme" diets, the other was Joel Marion's Cheat You Way Thin

I'm a fan of Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat but even I didn't expect the overwhelming positive response to Dax's post. I bet he was surprised, too. You can see the comments here ==> Two EXTREME Diets...Which One Would YOU Choose

You can find out more about the program that Dax's readers raved about at ==>

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