Thursday, January 7, 2010

Collected Fitness Wisdom #14

Ignore the gimmicks, such as, “cold water burns calories”, or “adding lemon to your water burns fat”, and “negative calorie foods”. These are all a joke when it comes to fat loss. Instead, focus on the 2 things that get results - a diet of whole, natural foods and short, burst intense exercise. Most people get caught up in the tiny things but ignore the real deal.

~Craig Ballantyne

There’s no power, passion, purpose or promise in the small goals that don’t really get your juices flowing. The real power is in those big, scary, exciting goals that, once achieved, would literally turn your life around.

~Dax Moy

Obesity and being overfat is not a disease folks... ------ > it's a biological consequence.

And, with the exception of the extremely 'rare' cases of total glandular dysfunction from birth, obesity... your bodyweight... is your responsibility.

Period. End of story.

~Jon Benson

A marketing guy once sent me an unsolicited email offering me his services. He told me that if I wanted to double my business I had to stop being honest. I had to make it seem like my workouts were easy, that getting in shape didn’t require much work and that the whole process would be painless and effortless.

~Jason Ferruggia



Meg said...

"Painless and effortless..."

AHAHAHAHA!!! I'm back working with a trainer and I can tell you, it's a ton of effort and sometimes there's pain. But I walk out of the gym each day feeling better than when I walked in, and the number on the scale is going down.

It's worth every drop of sweat (and there's a lot of sweat...).

Mickey said...

Hi Meg,

Congrats on your fat loss.

You may have noticed that's not the type of fitness quote I usually use. Unfortunately, with so many people still wasting money on gadgets and systems that promise a no-effort result, I felt it important to include.