Sunday, February 7, 2010

Collected Fitness Wisdom #16

Doing what your body is already used to will not change your body. If you go in the gym and lift 5lbs - 15lb weights you are lifting a weight that you can already lift and do daily.

Doing what you can already do daily WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR BODY.

You must put a demand on your body that it is not used to in order to get it to change.

~Rachel Cosgrove

People will spend $100 -$125 dollars to go to a doctor who will write them a script for meds but they wont pay a trainer to keep them from needing the script in the first place.

~Bobby Kelly

Machines, HR monitors (I own top-of-the line Suutno, Polar and Garmin), Bodybugg...they are ALL off by a long shot. I stopped worrying about those numbers a long time ago. Calorie expenditure estimates are *not* the answer to your problems. Give it your all and be consistent!

~Anne Hjelle

Choose whole, natural foods over those that are processed. Most of the foods you bring home from the grocery store should not have ingredients. They should BE ingredients.

~Jon Herring


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