Friday, April 16, 2010

Burn 30% More Calories

Recently, researchers from Syracuse University studied two types of strength training to see which style burned more calories. Their study, which was published in the April, 2010 Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, compared superset training with traditional strength workouts.

A superset is simply 2 exercises done, one after the other, with no rest in between.

The study participants were 10 recreationally active young men. They completed 2 strength training workouts separated by at least 7 days. Their workout consisted of 4 sets of 6 exercises and they performed 10 repetitions per exercise.

One week they trained using supersets. One week later they did traditional resistance training (straight sets like most people do).

What did the researchers find?

Drumroll, please...
* The superset workouts took less time

* The superset workouts burned almost 30% more calories than the traditional training
When expressed relative to time, the exercise energy expenditure was significantly greater during superset training (34.70 ± 2.97 kJ·min−1) than traditional training (26.28 ± 2.43 kJ·min−1).

* The amount of energy burned in the hour after the training session ended was higher for the superset workouts.
Excess postexercise oxygen consumption was significantly greater after superset training (79.36 ± 7.49 kJ) over traditional training (59.67 ± 8.37 kJ).

Unfortunately, too many fitness centers and trainers are giving people inefficient, ineffective workout routines.

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