Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fitness Gift Suggestions For The Holidays, Part 1

In past years, I've recommended gifts for fitness buffs, almost all of which cost less than $30. You can find last year's post here ==> Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Fitness Buff

This year, my recommendations run the price gamut.

A fitness gift is a great option for someone who already works out or for someone who has expressed interest in getting started. However, giving such a gift to someone because YOU want them to exercise is a bad idea.

That being said, let's get started.

I'm still a huge fan of the GymBoss.

GymBoss Interval Timer

I'm not usually not one of those people who gets off on gadgets but I love my GymBoss. Interval training is a great form of exercise and the GymBoss is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep track of your intervals.

To get the most out of your workout, you need to focus on the exercise at hand. Trying to keep track of the time is an unnecessary distraction, which the GymBoss eliminates.

You can set it for 1 time or 2 different times. For example, you can program it to beep every 30 seconds if you're doing a bodyweight circuit or you can program it for a 30 second work and 60 second recovery (or any combination of times) for other cardio intervals. There is also a handy clip and it comes in hot pink, silver, black or camouflage.

You can get a GymBoss here.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great gift for the beginner or the experienced exerciser.

The safest and most effective way for a novice to get started is to have a program designed specifically for them and to learn to do the exercises correctly from a qualified professional.

Experienced exercisers often get into a rut of doing the same things over and over. A new workout routine can not only eliminate mental boredom but can also jump start their fitness results. Our bodies adapt to doing the same program over and over so it's important to change workout routines every 4-6 weeks for best results.

Personal training will generally run around $35-$100 per one-hour session, with most trainers offering discounts for multiple sessions. Half-hour sessions are also usually available.

If you're in Lancaster, you can call me at (717) 509-7777 for more information and to pick up gift certificates. I train both women and men. 

Small Group Training

If your fitness enthusiast enjoys exercising with others, small group training is a great option. You get the instructional benefits of personal training along with the support and camaraderie of a group.

At Body & Soul, I offer No Pink Dumbbells Fitness Boot Camp. This program is designed for women and men who want to get fit but don’t want to spend hours a day exercising. The training sessions are challenging but are adapted for the fitness level of the participants.

You can get more details at

TRX® Training System

Suspension training is the latest trend in fitness. Notice I said trend, not fad. The TRX is a portable workout system that allows the user to use his/her own body weight to perform a variety of strength, flexibility, endurance and balance exercises.

TRX Suspension Training:Deck the home gym
You may have seen it on The Biggest Loser or in stories about quarterback, Drew Breees', workout program.

The TRX provides a great total body workout for athletes, beginners, military personnel and fitness enthusiasts. The package comes with everything you need to get started: a ceiling or wall anchor, the adjustable straps, training tips and a comprehensive full body workout that can be adapted as your fitness improves.

You can save 20% and get free shipping if you purchase tonight (Sunday 12-12-10) by 11:59 PM, PT which is 2:59 AM Eastern time.

Edited to add: Check out the graphic above; it looks like they lowered the discount but are still offering free shipping until the 16th.

Check back tomorrow for part 2.


Anonymous said...

HI, Todd from TRX here. Mickey, just wanted to thank you for the shout out. We have seen fantastic growth this year and expect 2011 to be transformative for us.

Thanks for the tip on Gymboss. I'm going to check that out!

Mickey said...

Hi, Todd. Thanks for checking out my blog. The TRX has been a great addition to my gym.

Definitely check out the Gymboss. For 20 bucks, you can't beat it.