Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Home Workout Options

Since I own a gym, I'm partial to gym workouts most of the time. At home, people (especially women) often have too many distractions. Also, fitness centers generally have a lot more options so you don't get mentally and/or physically bored.

That said, there are definite benefits to home workouts, especially during the holidays. Home workouts are one way to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality that I wrote about in my last post. You don't need to spend hours exercising to get results; you just need to know how to get the most benefit from your time and effort.

For the first time ever, fat loss expert and Men's Health magazine contributor Craig Ballantyne, has bundled 3 of his best home workout programs into a complete "Holiday Workout System" for over 75% off the regular price but only if you order by tomorrow, Thursday, December 9th at midnight, EST. 

The complete Holiday Workout System includes "31 Interval Training Workouts", "The Bodyweight Cardio No-Equipment Workouts", and the "TT Bodyweight Cardio 1000"!

Most people spend too much time doing the wrong type of exercise and too much cardio to get real fat loss results. Check out Craig's research-proven workouts that DO work here ==> $19.95 Holiday Workout System

You'll discover that the key to proven holiday fat burning are bodyweight and interval training workouts and, with Craig's programs, you'll avoid common interval training mistakes.

Interval training and even bodyweight circuit training are the keys to burning holiday belly fat at home - especially when you don't have much time to work out (like over the busy holidays). And you need to do it right.

To learn more about interval training, bodyweight circuits, and how to lose fat over the holidays with this combination, please read this special report here ==> $19.95 Holiday Workout System

But hurry, this 75+% discount is only available until midnight EST Thursday, December 9th.

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