Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are You Making This Exercise Mistake?

Most everyone is short on time these days so it’s important to avoid training errors that cost you time and results.  Are you making this one?

All, or most, of your strength training is done seated on machines.

Free weight and body weight exercises place a greater demand on your muscles to stabilize, control and balance your body and the weight you’re lifting. That forces you to work harder, burn more calories, and get better results.

Most machines work muscles in isolation and our bodies don’t work that way in real life.
When do we do this movement in real life?

* Works only one muscle at a time. 
* Machine is stabilizing her. 
* Not functional.



sasspants07 said...

I resent the name "no pink dumb bells." It implies that because something is pink, in other words girly, it is therefore weak and undesirable. On the contrary you should be proud that your dumb bells are pink because they would bring positive energy, femininity and power to an otherwise mundane workout routine.

Mickey said...

Thanks for stopping by sasspants07.

Women are not frail creatures who can only lift tiny weights and it has been frustrating for me to see that B.S. perpetuated.

Women lug around purses and kids which weigh more than 3 pounds but until recently most pink dumbbells were 3 pounds or less. Hence the blog's name.

You might want to check out this post of mine...
When Pink Dumbbells Aren't Pink Dumbbells

And in case you missed the link, you can read the original reason for the blog's name here: Too Much Pink