Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Collected Fitness Wisdom #8

If you are training to get fitter, lose some body fat or get stronger then you have no business doing tricep kickbacks and concentration curls. If you want a quick experiment in increasing metabolism, try the following. Do a clean and press for 3 sets of 15 reps with a minute rest between sets. Next do 3 sets of 15 reps with your favourite isolation exercise. Which one really got your body going?

~James Kerrison

To reach high levels of physical and personal success you must approach your training, and your entire life, as an endeavor in constant growth. The ultimate truth is, you are either moving forward or moving backward; growing or dying. There’s no such thing as comfortably maintaining.

To grow, you must step above past achievements; beyond your perceived boundaries and limits. That means stepping out of the known, into the unknown; out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar; out of the comfortable into the uncomfortable. You must get out of your comfort zone.

~Tom Venuto

The majority of women are not suffering from the big muscles they think they are. A lot of women never get lean enough to see the other side of things. This is because your body fat levels are too high to show any definition. Mix that with a lifting program you just end up looking fatter, but firmer. I should note that some like this look. Remember nothing is "wrong" here.

~Leigh Peele (discussing body perception and "bulking up")

I think a fundamental cause of human failure is the inability to overcome fear and push through the pain of challenge.

~Doug Jackson

Fundamentally, food is fuel. The only other reasons we eat is for socializing and for emotional reasons. This probably ruffles feathers, but I am basically saying that all eating is emotional, especially overeating and unhealthy eating.

~Canada K


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