Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good vs. Bad Food, It's Time To Grow Up

The poor egg. First it was a staple of the American diet. Then, for years it was vilified for causing high cholesterol. Finally, that was disproven and people started eating eggs again without fear.

Unfortunately, there's a new study out that claims eating more than 7 eggs a week could lead to an early death. Here we go again.

I didn't intend to write two food-related blog posts in two days but this morning I received an e-mail from John Berardi of Precision Nutrition that read:

Last week a study was reported on, a study suggesting that eating more than 7 eggs per week can lead to premature death.

Uh, oh. I eat about 21 whole eggs a week (3 per day).

So I guess I should be dead already.

But instead of getting worried, I'm chuckling. Laughing at the absurdity of it all.

You see, this idea, the idea that natural foods like eggs, lean meats, soybeans, whole grain cereals, etc. can inherently be bad for us, is so absurd that the only thing an intelligent person can do is chuckle.

First of all, the "egg study" is flawed and virtually meaningless.

Second of all, the media has it all wrong about the "goodness" or "badness" of specific foods. You see, very, very few foods either qualify as good or bad.

Instead, it's our own physiological environment that sets the stage for how the food reacts within our bodies. Control the environment and the food part becomes ridiculously simple.

If you've ever been confused by the seemingly contradictory nutrition information out there, you've got to check out this week's article.

It's time to put the good food vs. bad food debate to bed once and for all.

Until next time,

Do yourself a favor and go read John's excellent article.

Good vs Bad Food
It's Time To Grow Up

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