Friday, January 30, 2009

Collected Fitness Wisdom #3

Treadmills are a great way to stay in your comfort zone, but a BAD way to lose body fat.

~Brad Pilon

People will do almost anything to end pain or cure a disease after they have it, but they usually won't lift a finger to prevent it. Only when debilitating pain or illness strikes them down or threatens them does changing their unhealthy ways even appear on their radar.

~Tom Venuto

Compound exercises recruit more muscle, allow you to use bigger loads, and burn more calories than isolation exercises. That's why you want to build your program around them, and why your workouts should start with exercises like deadlifts or squats, the ones that produce the best results on a rep-by-rep basis.

~Alwyn Cosgrove

It is how you fit into your clothes and look in the mirror that counts. NO ONE wears a scale around the neck or a t-shirt with their weight on the back. It's just a number. Don't get hung up on it.

~Craig Ballantyne


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Keep Losing When Its Boring by Leigh Peele

We're almost through January. Are you hanging in there, moving toward your goals?

If you're on a fat loss journey, are you still plowing ahead or has your progress slowed, or even stopped.

Here's an article to help keep you on track.

How to Keep Losing When Its Boring

by Leigh Peele

Ah the two week slump.

Anyone who is a trainer or works with clients knows all to well about the two week slump. The first week of dieting down and training was exciting. You lost weight almost everyday, you felt great, you felt inspired and like you could take on the world! Global warming? Chump change! Problems with your Mother-in-Law? No fly’s on you! That new co-worker that you wanted to beat with a shovel? The two of you are the best of friends now! Yes, it is safe to say that in week one you were conquering the world!

Week two…not so much.You hate your Mother-In-Law again, you don’t have the time nor the energy for recycling your bottles, and your "new best friend" not only deserves a shovel in the face but you are thinking of joining a support group for murderous thoughts. Did I mention the diet and training? Your montage just couldn’t hold up and you are about to buckle big time, if you haven’t already. What to do? How do you get past this rut, this slump, this dip!?

The Top 4 ways to get through the Two Week Slump!

#1 Keep it real

The biggest problem for most people is they expect the same results they had the first week to happen in the second week. Sure this can happen sometimes, especially with those who have a larger amount of fat to lose. However, you have to be realistic!

Did you really burn 12,000 excess calories than what you ate this week? If so than fantastic for you but for most of the world it looks more like 3000-5000 even with the best of dieting down efforts. Take into account the water loss and glycogen depletion you already had in the first week and you should be at a break even or slight loss the second week.

Did you know though that if you can hang on there is usually a fantastic drop and rev up the third and fourth week if you stay perfect on track? Trust me, the course may be a little slower, but it comes. Even if you watch shows like the Biggest Loser where they are burning loads of calories a week and eating a few pudding cups, they have a great first week and a crap second week.

Don’t get so caught up in the scale, it is the trend that matters. Trust the process and don’t let the doubt of “this doesn’t work” set in. It works, it is what it is. Trust it and keep it up.

#2 Keep motivated

This is the time to pull out all the inspirational stops. Here are a few ideas/items to stock in your inspire box…

* Music: I don’t care if it is New Kids or New Order. If it pumps you up listen to it and often.
* Clothes: Women AND guys find an outfit, bathing suit, etc and keep it in your constant view.
* Books/Audio Inspiration: Don’t be ashamed of a self-help section, sometimes you are all you have. Inspiration can come in many forms and text.
* Message Board/Support groups: Find people that are on the same journey and use them for help during the tough moments.

#3 Go do something you wouldn’t

You want to change? You want to be a different person or more so a better you? How exactly are you going to do that if you are playing it safe in your comfort zone?

You have got to do something different! You have to keep yourself in constant reminder of why you want to change. It is pretty easy to fall back into old patterns when you didn’t keep yourself uncomfortable to make a difference in the first place. It is easy to hide out in you safe spots with people who love you. At the core of this though you want some bigger and more. Be it a physical goal or a mental breakthrough, you have to start working for it NOW instead of when you are “done.”

#4 Everyday you must question


Everyday you must sit through and start the process all over again. Ask yourself these questions…

* What is my goal?
* What do I want?
* Who do I want to be?
* Why am I really doing this?
* Why do I really want this?
* How do I feel when I am winning at this?

Asking yourself daily important questions is going to be key to providing yourself with a lifetime of giving yourself the answers.

About The Author

Leigh Peele is a professional author and trainer who specializes in fat loss and metabolism damage. Leigh Peele received her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in training. She also has a Nutritional Consultation Certification and in training Special Populations and Weight Management.

A nationally published author in both magazine and online, Leigh Peele is continually raising the bar on her ability to achieve fat loss under any conditions. A leader in research and study in metabolic behavior and recovery she has been deemed the Fat Loss Troubleshooter.

Her clients range from college athletes and professional fighters to housewives and obese seniors. She has led those to figure wins and been the champion to those with personal battles especially with eating disorders. She is who you go to when nothing else has worked.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are you 5% towards your goals?

Excellent blog post from Alwyn Cosgrove...

2009: 5% down, 95% to go...

Today is January 22nd.

That means 21 days (3 weeks) have already passed in 2009. That's a little over 5% of the year gone already.

So let's do a quick "goal review" or a Resolution recall.

Are you 5% towards your goals?

If your goal was to lose 50lbs of fat - you should be down 2.5lbs right now if you're on track. If your goal was to increase your income by $10,000 this year - you should already have made an extra $500.

Read the rest here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Hormone Report

I think most of us would agree that life is all about balance.

And that includes hormones.

It's an important but often neglected topic. If you are an Oprah fan, she's recently done shows about it and plans to do more. Millions of women are suffering unnecessarily.

Today I'm offering you a free excerpt from hormone expert Dr. Holly Lucille's "Creating and Maintaining Balance" book.

Holly's idea of balance goes beyond day-planners and schedules. She talks about "internal" balance: balance between your natural hormones which helps create energy, lower bodyfat, and improve sex drive.

You can pick up your free 26 pages of Dr. Lucille's book here ==> Creating and Maintaining Balance excerpt

Let me know what you think.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Body & Soul Is Now On Facebook

Body & Soul now has a Facebook page. Check it out here

I'm not very savvy with the social media stuff. Please leave a comment and let me know how I can improve the page.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Could There Be A Real Fat Loss Supplement?

I'm constantly getting calls from people trying to get me to sell "fat burning" supplements or drinks or whatever here at the gym. Sure, I could make some money but I refuse to promote some worthless miracle potion just to make a buck.

I don't do hype or false promises; sorry. If you want to drop fat, wear a smaller size, get stronger and healthier and/or get 6-pack abs, you'll need to put some effort into it. Solid nutrition and a well designed, challenging exercise program are the keys.

That being said, there is some very promising research out there in regards to a dietary supplement you've probably been hearing a lot about. Namely, Essential Fatty Acids, usually referred to as Fish Oil pills.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 136:2965-2969, University of Georgia researchers reported something pretty amazing about Essential Fatty Acid supplements containing DHA. Researchers found that they actually caused pre-fat cells to die out before they could turn into fat cells.

Why is that a big deal?

Once a pre-fat cell becomes a fat cell, there's no turning back; you've got it for life. Fat cells can shrink but you'll never reduce the number your body contains.

So it's exciting that the University of Georgia research shows that you can actually decrease the accumulation of fat by taking an Essential Fatty Acid supplement that contains DHA.

In other studies done at the University of South Australia, people that combined exercise with Essential Fatty Acid supplements containing DHA experienced greater fat loss than the test group who only exercised and did not take the supplement. That research was reported in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 85:1267-1274

If you're interested in dumping body fat, that's pretty exciting news.

I know a lot of people hate the fish oil burp that comes with many fish oil pills. And, as with any supplement, quality can be an issue.

At Prograde Nutrition, they use Krill Oil, which has been found to be a superior source of Essential Fatty Acids containing DHA. It's called EFA Icon. Plus, with EFA Icon there are no fish burps.

There are also other amazing health benefits from this superstar supplement.

If you're interested in accelerating your fat loss results and improving your health, I recommend you check out EFA Icon at

Remember, EFA Icon is NOT a miracle pill. For fat loss benefits, it needs to be combined with good nutrition and regular exercise. That being said, this is not some acai berry / calorad / colon cleanse / ab gadget weight loss scam. The research is there; it's definitely a supplement with powerful fat loss properties.

Since I started selling the ProGrade Cravers a month or so ago, Body & Soul members have raved about how good they are. Totally different from the other nutrition bars that are glorified candy bars or taste like cardboard. If you use nutrition bars for times when you're unable to get in a regular meal, you might want to check the Cravers out, too.

ProGrade EFA Icon

ProGrade Cravers

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Economy? You Can't Afford To Quit The Gym

A couple of Sundays ago, my local newspaper ran a story about whether the economy was affecting gym memberships. You can read it here ==> Sweating through tough times
Resolutions to stay healthier keep clients rolling in to fitness centers, but will the economy let them stay?

In response, I wrote a Letter to the Editor, which they ran this Sunday, after I edited it by half. Here's the full version:

"If exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation."

That’s not marketing hype; that’s a quote from Robert N. Butler, M.D. former director of the National Institute on Aging.

Although I own a fitness center in Lancaster, I certainly know that you don’t need to belong to a health club to exercise. That being said, through the years I have discovered that many people find they maintain a consistent routine better in a gym setting.

Are people really considering dropping their health club memberships to save a few dollars? What will it take for Americans to fully understand the physical, mental and financial value of regular physical activity? Frequent exercisers enjoy better health and lower medical costs, which is even more important in challenging economic times. Employees are paying an ever increasing percentage of their health care costs and many of these expenses are associated with treating diseases that are primarily caused by our lifestyles. Regular exercise is preventative medicine.

If you think times are tough now, what if you get sick and can’t work for a while?

Layoffs are a fact of life. Hopefully, you won’t lose your job but if you do and you’re overweight, your search for a new one could take longer. Like it or not, employers often discriminate against those who are obese. Fairly or unfairly, they assume that overweight workers are less productive, will miss more work due to illness, and will incur higher insurance costs than leaner applicants. On top of that, studies show that overweight people, especially overweight white women, make less money than those of normal weight.

I’m totally confused by some people’s priorities. Healthy, fresh food is “too expensive” but they eat out multiple times a week. A $20 - $40 gym membership gets the ax but they continue to pay over $100 for cable TV. People are absolutely entitled to spend their money any way they see fit but shouldn’t health take precedence?

Getting and staying fit should not even be close to the top of the list of budget cuts. I was happy to read that few people were actually dropping their memberships at the gyms in your article. That’s a good sign because we all need to take more control of our health.

You can’t afford not to, in any economy.

Mickey Glick
Owner, Body & Soul Fitness Studio
Lancaster, PA

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes YOU can!

It's great that the vast majority of Americans are excited and inspired by the soon-to-be presidency of Barack Obama. Today, however, I got an e-mail from Bob Proctor commenting on a USA TODAY/ Gallup Poll poll that he saw last week.

According to the poll, a majority of those surveyed believe that Obama will be able to deliver on every single one of his 10 major campaign promises. I, myself, have high hopes for this administration but I think these people are being pretty unrealistic.

What does all this have to do with fitness? What Bob said later in his e-mail...

How come it's easier for people to believe in someone they haven't met to make change in their lives, and yet, they find it so hard to believe in themselves?

Isn't it time you believed in YOURSELF to make the change you want to see?

Amen, Bob.

Yes YOU can.

When people start believing in themselves as much as they do their kids, their spouses, their students, their friends, etc., they will be able to lose weight, get fit and be healthier and happier.

When people start realizing that they themselves can improve their own lives and the world in general, better and faster than outside forces, true change will come.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Less Sleep = More Snacking

According to researchers in the United Kingdom and the University of Chicago, lack of sleep can derail your weight loss plans.

In the Chicago study, participants slept approximately 8.5 or 5.5 hours per night. Although their meal intake remained similar, researchers discovered that participants consumed about 220 more calories from snacks on their shorter sleep days.

Researchers also found that being awake an extra 3 hours did not result in an increase in activity.

In another study, researchers in the U.K. reviewed data from almost 700 studies that had been done on the association between sleep and weight gain. They found that the fewer hours you sleep, the higher the likelihood that you'll pack on extra pounds. The findings applied across the board to all age groups, including children.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

20 Worst Foods in America, 2009

I've written before about the colossal amount of calories, sodium, and fat in some restaurant food. If you missed that eye opening post, here's the link to it ==> What The Restaurant Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Would you ever think that eating 2 Big Macs would be better for you than a veggie sandwich? Check out this article from Men's Health:
20 Worst Foods in America, 2009


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere

You’ve heard it before, drink water. Staying hydrated will make you healthier and can help you lose weight. Water is involved in almost every bodily process (including metabolism) and now, a study had shown that regular water drinkers consume 9% fewer calories a day than non-water drinkers.

Why? According to the study, water drinkers have healthier eating habits and also seem to consume fewer high calorie and sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, designer coffees, alcohol (especially mixed drinks), fruit juice, etc. For fat loss, dump the liquid calories.

Remember, the ProGrade discount ends tonight (Thursday, January 15th) at 11:59pm EST. If you are interested in high quality supplements, nutrition bars, meal replacements, etc. check out the post directly below this one.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Act Now for Nutritional Savings

I stopped selling nutrition bars here at the gym a long time ago. You either ended up with a glorified candy bar or something that tasted like cardboard. I recently started offering bars again thanks to ProGrade Nutrition and their Cravers.

ProGrade is the brainchild of a couple of fitness pros who wanted to offer quality nutrition products for fitness trainers.

I don't know how many people expected them to last up against the huge supplement companies but ProGrade is not only surviving but thriving. Their products are so good and so popular that they are now shipping to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand!

To ring in the new year and to celebrate their new shipping destinations, ProGrade is having a 10.9% off everything sale until Thursday, January 15th at 11:59pm EST. (10.9 is a play on January of 2009 ;-) )

If you are interested in high quality supplements - essential fatty acids, multivatmins, delicious nutrition bars (my members were amazed at how good they are), workout drinks, meal replacements, etc. check out ProGrade here.

Prograde Nutrition's VGF 25+ is a blend of 25 vegetable, green and fruit concentrates. There are separate formulas for men and women. They use whole foods in their products rather than a bunch of chemicals and synthetic vitamins created in a lab.

Remember, you only have a few more days to save.

The 10.9% discount is applicable to SmartShip orders but it only applies to your first purchase, not ongoing orders.

The coupon code you enter at checkout is: 012009

ProGrade Nutrition

Monday, January 12, 2009


Don't get hung up on information overload. I think for people new to exercise, the simpler, the better.

If you want to lose weight, a lot of people recommend 30-60 minutes sessions but intensity (which is obviously relative to your current level of fitness) is more important than how long you exercise.

Don't try to get fancy with body part splits and assorted isolation exercises. For one thing, lots of people are confused about what exercises work which body parts. Even more important is that total body workouts consisting of primarily compound exercises will burn more calories. Plus, you can't truly isolate muscles anyway.

My advice to workout newbies is to get moving with challenging, no-fuss total body workouts, experience the benefits and results of regular exercise and THEN start debating / experimenting with body part splits, isolation exercises, etc. if they really feel the need.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Top 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

It’s January and that means lots of people are starting a new exercise program in an attempt to lose weight. Here are a few tips to make your workouts more productive.

1. Your results will be in proportion to your exercise intensity. You do not have to spend hours exercising. In fact, if you can, you’re not working hard enough. Your weights are too light while lifting, your speed is too slow while doing cardio or both. Don’t try to kill yourself the first day but you will need to challenge your body to get fat loss results.

2. Stop spending hours in the cardio area. If you are doing 30, 40, or even 60 minutes of steady state cardio in an attempt to lose weight, stop. Walking, running or hopping on the elliptical or stationary bike for extended periods of time will not get you the body you want. Cardio intervals or bodyweight circuits are more effective alternatives.

3. Make sure you are weight training. Don’t be fooled by magazine articles and uninformed sources who tell you that cardio is the key to weight loss. It is not. To learn more, check out "The Hierarchy of Fat Loss" by Alwyn Cosgrove or get Craig Ballantyne's "The Dark Side of Cardio" report at (Watch for the drop down screen.)

4. Get a professionally designed strength training program.
Picking exercises willy-nilly because they look fun or because you think they’ll work a certain area, won’t get you far. To avoid injury and get maximum benefits, you need a balanced program that works opposing muscle group evenly. Invest in a couple of personal training sessions or check out program recommendations on the right hand side of the screen.

5. Concentrate on compound movements. Squats, Pulldowns, Presses, Lunges, Pushups, Kettlebell Swings, Rows, Deadlifts, Pullups, etc. are far superior to Leg Extensions, Bicep Curls and Tricep Kickbacks. Compound exercises are more time efficient and burn more calories because they work multiple muscles at one time.

6. Step away from the machines. Although I often incorporate one or two machines in the workouts I design, the bulk of my programs focus on exercises where you support your own body weight. Free weight and body weight exercises place a greater demand on your muscles to stabilize, control and balance your body and the weight you’re lifting, forcing you to work harder and get better results.

7. Record your workouts. Studies have shown that people who track their training sessions- exercises performed, weight used, repetitions completed, etc.- make better progress. Tracking your workouts will also help you...

8. Always try to improve upon your previous workout performance. Our bodies quickly adapt to the physical stresses we place upon them. Strive to do a little better each workout. Try to increase the weight you use or to perform more reps (always with good form, of course) or do your cardio intervals a little faster or with more resistance.

9. Change your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. Because of adaptation, you should change your exercise routine regularly. However, I personally don’t recommend switching exercises too often. If you don’t stick to a routine for a few weeks, you probably will not get the full benefit from it.

10. Clean up your nutrition. Eliminate as much processed foods as possible (anything that comes in a bag or box). Focus on eating a variety of fresh, unprocessed foods. You can’t out-train a bad diet.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oprah, Get With The Program!

Yesterday, I promised to critique Oprah's current exercise program (or at least the parts she mentioned on her show on Monday).

The Good:

* Oprah said she is doing more strength training than previously. Yes!

* She also said that she's cut back on her cardio (to 20 minutes, I think). If I remember correctly, a few years ago she had worked up to an hour a day so this is definitely a step in the right direction.

* Although she didn't mention intervals, Oprah performs her cardio at a decent pace. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't see her reading a magazine while she exercises.

The Bad:

* Oprah demonstrated some of her strength training exercises. She did exercise after exercise, one right after the other with the same weight, which didn't look real challenging for any of them. I realize that she might not work out that way - it may have just been to demonstrate some moves for the camera- but I doubt it. Ladies, stop wasting time with light weights and lots of reps. If you want to reshape your body, you need to challenge it.

* Even though there was a short article in her magazine a few months back praising cardio interval training, I don't think she's doing it. Even if you're working hard, your body will adapt to doing the same time on the same machines at the same pace, etc.

The Worst

* The worst aspect for me was when she mentioned that she works one or two body parts a day. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Oprah, you are not a bodybuilder. Your goals right now are dropping body fat and overall health. You should be doing three non-consecutive total body strength training workouts a week, concentrating on compound exercises. Big movements, that work multiple muscles will burn more calories and get you out of the gym quicker. With your schedule, you need efficient, effective workouts not time wasters.

If you live in the Lancaster, PA area and have the same goals as Oprah and want to get maximum results for minimum time, call me at (717) 509-7777. If you aren't in my area, check out Craig Ballantyne's Ultimate Turbulence Training Fat Loss Solution which I blogged about below. If you grab it before midnight tonight, you'll still get all the terrific bonuses.


5 More Ways To Burn Belly Fat & Build Muscle

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leave Oprah Alone

I watched Oprah's first show of the new year. I'm sure you've heard that she's gained 40 pounds and has now hit 200. I'm not sure how you could have missed the news; it was everywhere.

If you didn't see any of the internet articles or entertainment shows, there were plenty of fitness pros bashing her. While I believe in accepting responsibility for your life, I wonder how productive their comments were. How many overweight people are going to be interested in working with or buying a product from someone who so clearly despises them for their weaknesses?

People think this woman is on top of the world- she's rich, she's a star, she has all kinds of influence on people, and has way more success than failure in her life. But we all have our problems and Oprah's is weight.

How sad is it to be able to star in a show with Tina Turner and Cher as your guests and be so disgusted with your size that you DREAD IT? How embarrassing is it to try to shoot magazine covers while 20 people critique how badly outfit after outfit fits?

I'm not saying "poor Oprah" but I do wonder how well most of us would do fighting our personal demons in the public eye? No, Oprah doesn't get a free pass from me but that's no reason to attack her for backsliding. She did have some legitimate medical issues. Unfortunately, she allowed them to be used as excuses.

Now, however, Oprah is taking responsibility for screwing up and has already said how embarrassed she is. Years ago she admitted that food was her drug of choice. What signal does it send to others who are struggling when fitness pros bash someone who is already down and has acknowledged their failings?

Anyway, Oprah has climbed back on the wagon. She is exercising and eating better and is focusing on her health rather than the scale. I, for one, support her.

That being said, I'm far from impressed with much of her current workout program. I'll tell you why tomorrow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Act Fast!

The Ultimate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Solution is now available. Plus, Craig is offering exclusive bonuses for the first 25, 50, 100, and 200 folks who grab a copy.

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Ultimate Fat Loss Solution

I know there are a lot of people who have made resolutions to lose weight. I also know that too many of those people are misinformed and/or confused about the best way to achieve their goal.

If you want short, professionally designed, body transforming, fat burning workouts, check out Craig Ballantyne's new Ultimate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Solution. Craig GUARANTEES that his system will help you lose weight this year.

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Ultimate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Solution

Remember, be ready at 12 noon (EST) today (Monday, January 5th) when Craig opens the doors on the Ultimate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Solution.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Realize that the perspectives you adopt, such as hope and promise, are choices.  Realize that the actions you take in the days and weeks to come are the determinants of the quality of life you’ll enjoy in 2009.  Realize that the decisions you make today will contribute to the intensity of the adventure you're about to experience over the course of the four seasons to come.  Realize that the greater importance you place upon your own ability to function and perform at your best, the greater joy you bring to those who rely upon you as well as those you love. 

2009 is yours to create.  This goes far beyond another resolution.  You can chart the course, and love every minute of it.  You can choose your emotions.  You can choose your health.  You can choose your body.  There isn't any need, nor is there any value, in emotions such as envy and regret.  There isn't any value in self-criticism and desperate resolution.  Don’t resolve.  Commit.  Really commit.  That doesn't mean be perfect.  We are prone to human fallibility and perfection is a quest that only leads to a sense of failure. 

Don't be perfect.  Be your best.  

~Phil Kaplan