Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leave Oprah Alone

I watched Oprah's first show of the new year. I'm sure you've heard that she's gained 40 pounds and has now hit 200. I'm not sure how you could have missed the news; it was everywhere.

If you didn't see any of the internet articles or entertainment shows, there were plenty of fitness pros bashing her. While I believe in accepting responsibility for your life, I wonder how productive their comments were. How many overweight people are going to be interested in working with or buying a product from someone who so clearly despises them for their weaknesses?

People think this woman is on top of the world- she's rich, she's a star, she has all kinds of influence on people, and has way more success than failure in her life. But we all have our problems and Oprah's is weight.

How sad is it to be able to star in a show with Tina Turner and Cher as your guests and be so disgusted with your size that you DREAD IT? How embarrassing is it to try to shoot magazine covers while 20 people critique how badly outfit after outfit fits?

I'm not saying "poor Oprah" but I do wonder how well most of us would do fighting our personal demons in the public eye? No, Oprah doesn't get a free pass from me but that's no reason to attack her for backsliding. She did have some legitimate medical issues. Unfortunately, she allowed them to be used as excuses.

Now, however, Oprah is taking responsibility for screwing up and has already said how embarrassed she is. Years ago she admitted that food was her drug of choice. What signal does it send to others who are struggling when fitness pros bash someone who is already down and has acknowledged their failings?

Anyway, Oprah has climbed back on the wagon. She is exercising and eating better and is focusing on her health rather than the scale. I, for one, support her.

That being said, I'm far from impressed with much of her current workout program. I'll tell you why tomorrow.

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