Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Pollyanna Is A Good Thing

I just came across the article below this morning. Obviously, the concept applies to every aspect of your life but I started thinking about how it specifically applied to getting in shape.

Too many people sabotage themselves through their attitudes and beliefs.

"I'll never be able to lose this weight."

"I'm too busy to work out regularly."

"Healthy food is boring and bland."

"I'm too old to exercise."

"I joined a gym before but I stopped going. I'll just do the same thing again if I sign up."

"Healthy food is too expensive."

"Sure celebrities can get in shape. They can afford personal trainers and chefs; I can't."

If you believe any of those statements, they will become self fulfilling prophecies. There are people who, at one time, believed the same things but did succeed when they changed their attitudes.

None of those above statements are "fact." You're never too old, you don't need a personal trainer or even a gym to exercise, healthy nutrition can be very tasty, etc.

Your negative expectations have so much to do with your success or failure at anything in life. See how you can change your life by changing your attitude...

The Expectation of Something Good
By John Carpenter Dealey

Ernest Holmen once said "Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good." That's good advice for all of us. Generally speaking, we find what we expected to get.

So, when you got out of bed this morning, what kind of day were you expecting? Each morning you have a choice of what you will focus on. Were you anticipating a marvelous day filled with many blessings? I hope so!

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