Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't Be An Idiot

Yesterday, on my way home, I passed a guy wearing a sweatshirt. He looked like he had probably been exercising. In case you live in Alaska, this part of the country has been experiencing oppressive heat and humidity.

That guy was an idiot. And sorry to be blunt but so are you if you wear a bunch of clothes or a sauna suit in a misguided attempt to lose weight.

Here's the deal. Any weight that is "lost" through excess sweating is just water. As soon as you re-hydrate, you'll replace it. If you're stupid enough to refrain from drinking enough, your metabolism will slow down. Not exactly the outcome you were looking for, right?

Water is involved with just about every bodily process.

Water is critical to digestion and brain function; it lubricates joints, increases energy, keeps skin healthy, helps flush waste and toxins from the body, and lots more.

You can survive far longer without food that you can without water.

Why anyone thinks that losing a few pounds of water weight is going to change their body is beyond me. You may register a few pounds lighter on the scale but dehydrating yourself is not going to give you the lean, trim body most people want. To do that, you need to drop fat. Period. And that comes from proper nutrition and a the right kind of exercise program.

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