Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazy Black Friday Fat Burning Sale!

Sorry for the late notice. I last checked my email Thanksgiving morning so I just found out about this.

Fitness pro Jon Benson is having a MASSIVE Black Friday sale on some of his best selling fat burning and motivational tools.

You can read all about it here ==> Jon Benson's CRAZY 24 Hour Black Friday Sale

And a way to help a lot of people achieve the body they desire... starting NOW...

This is his first and probably ONLY "$5 Sale". Until Saturday at 12:01 AM you can get your choice of 1, 2 or all THREE of these top-selling products for just...

$5 EACH!

This is not one of those, "Try it for 30 days for $5 and then we'll bill you the rest", John is actually selling these products for $5.

Jon Benson's CRAZY 24 Hour Black Friday Sale

Here's what's on sale for 24 hours ONLY:

1. Every Other Day Dietplan -- The "Favorite Foods" way of dropping weight without feeling like you're on a dietplan at all.

Normally $47... TODAY'S PRICE: $5!

2. 7 Minute Body -- The in-home OR in-the-gym activity program for getting the body you want in 7 minutes a day.

Normally $47... TODAY'S PRICE: $5!

3. M-Power Rapid Success System -- The first 12 M-Power Neuro-Audios to help program your mind for absolute success and erase self-doubt.

Normally $47... TODAY'S PRICE: $5!

Remember, you can get 1 ... Or Your Choice of 2... Or ALL 3!

You can mix and match... pick the products you need the most and they're all yours... and they are DISCOUNTED 90% --

Only $5 each... but ONLY FOR 24 HOURS:

Check it out here ==> Jon Benson's CRAZY 24 Hour Black Friday Sale

P.S.To be fair to his other readers these $5 goodies do not come with all the bonuses... BUT you can get those inside Jon's Member's Area if you want them.

If you have ANY interest in dropping excess fat, please do yourself a favor and check out Jon's offer.

P.P.S. After you pick the product(s) you want you'll be directed to Jon's "7 minute fat-burning" page with a member's ONLY special -- 24 HOURS ONLY!

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