Thursday, May 26, 2011

Collected Fitness Wisdom #35

Muscles have definitive forms and curves. If you look "bulky" it’s because you have fat on top of your muscle, and that needs to be addressed.

~John Romaniello

Compound Movements Trump Isolation Monkey Business. This means chinups over curls, close grip bench over kick backs, overhead press over shoulder flys, barbell squat over quad extension… and on and on. Whether you want to torch the fat or gain lean mass, make sure every time you lift, you involve as many muscle groups as possible. If you can do an exercises standing vs seated, take the standing option. If you can combine a few movements together, then do that.


Those gorgeous fitness models on TV may be promoting that goofy piece of gym equipment, but they built their own bodies with good old-fashioned gravity and resistance, or were just blessed with good genetics… not like our bodies.

~ Flavia Del Monte

There is no such thing as "good foods" or "healthy foods" and "bad foods", there is just food (Too much of any kind of food can end up causing problems), the real issue is the DOSE.

For example; 3 slices of pizza per month isn’t going to cause you any harm, it’s not going to raise your risk of heart disease or obesity or any other problem for that matter. Three slices of pizza per day might very well cause all of these problems and more.

~Brad Pilon


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