Friday, December 30, 2011

When Bargain Gyms Aren't A Bargain

On Wednesday, I took a new member through her first workout at Body & Soul. She was astonished at what she experienced and I'm not exaggerating by using the word "astonished".

She came to me from another gym where she's been a member for 20 years. Yes, I said 20 years. Although thin, as she's gotten older, she's picked up some excess fat around her middle and didn't feel like her current regimen was doing much for her.

It wasn't. Although she was a faithful exerciser, she's basically been doing the same routine for all of those 20 years.

She thought about working with the trainer on staff there but based on a conversation, didn't feel the trainer was knowledgeable enough to help her.

So she called me, came in for a tour, and signed up - all in the same day.

And yes, she was astonished during and after our workout. She couldn't believe how much different her body felt doing different exercises and doing them correctly. She was surprised that she could actually feel the muscles she was working.

She realized that she'd just been going through the motions. She was never told how to safely challenge herself to continue improving. Nobody ever bothered to explain the importance of changing her routine regularly.

I bet they would have found time to talk to her if her payment had bounced but as long as she kept paying, no one cared if she was getting results or wasting her time.

Yesterday, when she joined, she told me she couldn't do squats because they hurt her knees. Today, she did multiple sets of squats and had absolutely NO knee pain. Why? Because she was taught how to do them properly.

I understand joining El Cheapo Gym if you are fitness savvy, know how to design a well balanced strength training program, and can perform the exercises correctly. If not, how much is that "bargain" costing you in poor (or non-existent) results and wasted hours?

Don't use all this stuff without proper instruction.

If you're not a knowledgeable fitness buff, think twice before signing up at a gym where you get a cursory "orientation" instead of a proper training session to get you started.

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