Sunday, February 24, 2013

Collected Fitness Wisdom #55

There’s a lot more to your workouts then just throwing a bunch of functional, Crossfit type movements together and just beating the crap out of yourself every time you train. There still needs to be a “method behind the madness”. It’s been scary to watch people do high rep Olympic Lifts with terrible form thinking their doing good to their bodies. 

~ Travis Stoetzel

If I only worked out when I was "in the mood"....I'd exercise about 5 times a year. I don't work out because I feel like it....I work out because of how it makes me feel.

~ Sgt. Steve Rosen

Take the sit-up/crunching debate (why is this still a debate?). We know that repetitive flexion is necessary to herniate a disc, we know that stabilization exercises produce more activation from the abdominals than crunches and sit-ups, we know that a flexed spine is a weak position for our athletes, and we know that we need to get our general population clients out of their flexed/seated position that they are in all day at work. So what we know is that we not only have a safer way to train the abdominals but we have a BETTER way to train them. With all of that, why do we still do crunches?

~ Dewey Nielsen

Corn is not a vegetable! Corn is a grain. This may seem simple but I've always thought it was a vegetable. It tastes like a vegetable. It looks like a vegetable and it may be the worst thing you can eat. Avoid corn and more importantly avoid its ugly derivative, high fructose corn syrup. 

~ Michael Boyle


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