Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hate Mail

Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training, recently found the following threatening post on his TT members website:

Dear Craig:

I am the spokescell for Dan's fat cells. We hate you. We knew we were in trouble when Dan woke up at 4:30AM on a SUNDAY!

He did workout 1 from Hardcore Fat Loss, and we are hurting. For starters, the triple press was difficult, although we really enjoyed when our enemies, the muscle fibers, were screaming bloody murder, that made us feel good. But then, doing 20 deadlifts, we couldn't hear the muscles screaming over the shrieks of pain from my fellow fat cells.

We thought it was over, but then Dan decided to do a 4x6 3-minute arms circuit. Jeez. We know he's not in the NBA, nor does he yet deserve to be, but he was giving it his all to be among those elite TT-ers.

Finally, the intervals...oh those intervals. No treadmill for Dan today...oh noooooo...he did 30/60 intervals using burpees for the intervals. While we hate that infernal treadmill, that was the worst thing we've ever gone through.

Craig Ballantyne, we fat cells hate you. Since we are falling off of Dan's body, we are going to band together, come up to Canada and picket you wherever you go. We're sure there are many of us who have been looking for new jobs since you came around, so we will band together and make your life difficult.

We miss playing w/ Dan's kids when they would poke us and call him "Squishy".

We HATE you, Craig. We're meltingggggg!

W/ much hate.

-Dan's fat cells

There's a lot of serious fat loss going on with the TT members but there's always time for fun on the forum.

If you're interested in having your fat cells threaten Craig Ballantyne, check out

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