Sunday, October 26, 2008

Try This Upper Back Stretch

A lot of women hold their tension in their upper back.

Here's a post I recently ran across on fitsugar that might help.

After all those push-ups and side-arm raises you do, I'm sure your shoulders and upper body could use a nice stretch. This one is really easy to do, and it targets your upper back instantly. All you need is a sturdy chair with four legs. If you're at work or sitting just on the couch, why not give this a try?

* Sit on the very edge of a chair. Separate your feet so your knees are a little wider than your shoulders.

* Lean your torso forward and bring your arms inside your legs. Wrap your hands around your calves and try to reach your fingertips in front of your ankles.

* Use your hands to gently pull the torso though your legs to open your shoulders and stretch your upper back.

* Hold there for 30 seconds then lift your torso up to a seated position.

Let me know what you think of this stretch. - Mickey

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