Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thoughts #2

* Don't tell me you can't get a good wood workout without using a bunch of machines. We held our Workout for St. Jude last Saturday on a nearby playground. The workout consisted almost entirely of bodyweight exercises and there was no doubt among the participants as to whether or not they'd been challenged.

* Why do people (especially women) get so hung up on losing weight rather than inches? Just recently a Body & Soul member was frustrated that the scale hadn't moved, even though she had lost an inch around her hips. I honestly don't get it. If you're fitting into smaller clothing you haven't worn in months/years, you are obviously getting smaller. Isn't that really the goal? If your body is shrinking, why waste one second worrying about what the number on the scale says?

* Considering that so many people nowadays are sensitive or even allergic to fragrance, why do some women and men insist on dousing themselves with perfume or cologne? If someone can tell you've been somewhere after you've already left, you wear too much fragrance.

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