Saturday, August 8, 2009

Master Your Mindset

I often remind people that their attitide, beliefs, and self talk are the key to dropping body fat and getting fit. Regular readers may even notice that I prefer using phrases like "dump fat", "slim down", rather than "lose weight". I don't always do it because I know it sounds awkard to people but there's a reason for it.

We have a negative connotation of the word "lose". Whether it's losing your car keys, a bet, your job, a game, our way- no one wants to lose something. And if we do lose or misplace something tangible, what do we do? We try to find what we lost or we replace it. The exact thing you don't want to do with lost pounds.

So, most of the time, I use other phrases. Fitness pro, Jon Benson, is fond of the term "release fat".

If you have challenges with following a healthy nutrition plan and/or getting your regular workouts in, check out the 3 free resources below. (You don't even need to provide an e-mail address.) Two are articles and one is an audio, which you can either listen to online or download.

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Mindset Teleseminar with Scott Tousignant, Jim Katsoulis and Kevin Gianni

Motivation to Lose Weight -- Using Brain Science for Attaining the Proper Mindset for Success by Tom Venuto

How to Think Like an Exerciser

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Marla said...

I love the "releasing fat" phrase.

"Go free! You are free! I release you!"

Seriously, self talk is important.

Marla said...

Ooh, darn! I forgot the punchline. I meant to add, "maybe this is why people frequently misspell it as 'loose' fat."

Mickey said...

Hi again, Marla.

Thanks for commenting. I don't think enough people appreciate the correlation between their self talk / predominant thoughts and their success at things.