Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Collected Fitness Wisdom #11

The NUMBER ONE principle in exercise physiology 101 is the Overload Principle. Simply stated, this principle tells us that in order to elicit change on our bodies we must OVERLOAD it or go beyond what we normally do.In other words GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Without this type of overload, there IS NO CHANGE.

~Robert dos Remedios

Find mentors, and stick to them. Sometimes the grass on the only side is brown. If you find people in your life or in education that inspire you, stay for a while. Stop bouncing from place to place trying to find the exact answer you are looking for. Here is a big tip – you don’t know what that answer is or else you wouldn’t be looking anyway. This isn’t about guru, it’s about trust. Trust that your time will be valued and respected. Only when they break that for you do you move on.

~Leigh Peele

When you have a destination set, the path will reveal itself. So goals like “I want to drop a few pounds” are bullsh^t, and not really a goal at all. Wishy washy crap like that will never lead to success. Make it real: X pounds, X inches, X dress sizes – whatever. Set it and get it.

~Joshua Carter

In the quest for a certain number of calories, many people end up choosing their food based on the number of cals rather than the quality of the food. And in efforts to stick to a specific caloric goal, the quality nutrition is often left by the wayside. One hundred calorie processed snack packs win out over fresh fruit and raw nuts. In the mind of a calorie counter, if the tally marks accumulated by a "healthy snack" are far and above the numbers on a processed food, then the processed food will always win the battle.

What kind of bass-ackward way of thinking is that? Yeah, fruit has more sugar than those artificially sweetened energy bars… but it’s natural sugar in natural amounts, versus a fake food filled with fake sugar (and just because it is void of calories doesn’t mean that the fake sugar is great for your health!). Sure, nuts are high in fat while that processed snack is able to report lower calories because it has very little fat… But the fat in raw nuts is an essential source of energy for your body while the processed snack is most likely void of any nutritional value!

~Kim Ball

Simply put, if you don't know EXACTLY what "getting in shape" "losing some weight" or "toning up" means to you, then you're never going to achieve any of these things, let alone stay that way.

~Dax Moy


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