Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collected Fitness Wisdom #51

Fact is, motivation is way over-rated.

Instead I focus on setting habits. Why? Because you can depend on habits. Habits are what YOU DO, they aren't based on how YOU FEEL. Motivation is mental and largely based on emotion. Notice, "I don't FEEL motivated today." I don't care how you feel. I care what you do. If you only workout when you feel motivated, you'll get no where.

~ Dave Chesser

Women have been brainwashed by the mainstream fitness "gurus" to believe that if they train for strength, they'll "bulk up." Which is a load of unadulterated crap. I HATE this type of predatory marketing. 

~ Geoff Neupert

We are all capable of impressing - and even surprising - ourselves with what we are capable of doing. Not everyone (even with an insane work ethic) is going to look like Captain American or play on ESPN. It doesn't matter.

What matters is that you never shot for something less than that. You gave everything you had, and you ran that course until it was over. Wherever that point may be, you arrived there knowing that you didn't leave anything in the tank. This is the absolute most you could do, given the tools you had, and you can be happy and fulfilled knowing that. If you attack everything with that mentality, you will be successful and happy with the result, even if that result isn't exactly what you thought it was when you got started.

~ Eric Cressey

The goal of any weight loss program should be to be happy with, and proud of, your body- Not to hit some predetermined arbitrary number.

 ~ Brad Pilon


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