Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collected Fitness Wisdom #4

I used to read any kind of "fitness" magazine I could buy. You know the typical ones on the news stands, ladies. Well, I can tell you that there is no way on earth my body was going to transform into one of those cover models doing the workouts they suggest. I realized I was going to have to do a lot harder work than that and I can also say I don't want the skinny-fat look either. It wasn't until I started tapping into more of the resources geared to men that I really began challenging myself, increasing my weight during workouts and seeing changes in my body.

~Kelley Moore

More than anything else, I believe that they key to success is to put effort into what you’re doing. You would make better progress putting maximal effort into an average program than putting a half-hearted effort into a superior program.

~John Alvino

If there is one over-riding secret that controls our future, it is that we can not win-out over our own self-image. This is so important and hardly ever talked about. Someone can use every other success strategy in the world, and if their self-image is in conflict with what they are trying to achieve, they will not achieve any long-term success with their desired goal.

~Doug Jackson

Most people are on a constant search for the path of least resistance. A drug, a supplement, a "breakthrough technique" a new machine, a shortcut in exercise form - anything and everything they think will help them reach their goals with less effort and in less time. This is typical human nature. Unfortunately, this is also faulty thinking and you will NEVER become a champion with this type of attitude.

~Tom Venuto


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