Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Don't Know Squat

Squats are one of the best leg exercises you can do. Period.

Ladies, stop wasting your time doing endless side leg raises and butt kicks.

What am I always preaching? Use compound exercises for the most efficient and effective workout. Performed properly, the Squat is an excellent overall leg movement.

While responding to a question about thinning thighs on her blog, Holly Rigsby of Fit, Yummy Mummy wrote...

While no single exercise can make the fat on one area of your body go away - with the combined effort of cutting out the junk and doing the BEST full body resistance training moves Correctly - you absolutely can accelerate your thinner thighs results and look amazing in your favorite shorts this summer.

“But my thighs get Big and Bulky when I do squats”

If you are following a full body resistance training program and cutting out the junk, your body will have no choice but to burn more fat and cause you to lose inches. Working the muscles in your lower body causes you to become stronger. Muscle is dense and takes up less space than fat.

I find it amusing that many of the online and magazine fitness articles tell women to just use moderate weights to avoid getting bulky.

This simply is not true.

Here's a great video from Holly on proper squatting technique.

You can check out Holly's complete program here ==> Fit Yummy Mummy

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Marla said...

Squats are also great for calf development. My DH did countless calf raises trying to build up his "chicken legs." NOTHING. But when he started doing squats and deadlifts, he saw a huge difference.

Those big compound movements are almost always better, even for small muscles.